I’m Andy Howlett, an artist and filmmaker based in Birmingham, UK. I’m interested in walking, concrete, guerrilla heritage and expanded cinema among other things. Here are some of my films.


Email: andyhowlett@hotmail.com
Twitter: @APHowlett
Facebook: Facebook

Stuff I’m doing

  • Paradise Lost: History in the Un-Making - A feature length essay-film investigating the untimely demise of John Madin’s brutalist Central Library. Successfully crowdfunded in 2016, to be released one day.

  • Walkspace - A Birmingham-based walking collective I co-founded in 2020 with walking artists Pete Ashton and Fiona Cullinan. From gentle strolls to hardcore psychogeography, group walks to solo explorations, Walkspace will report on walks that have happened, promote walks that are due to happen and generally discuss the interesting, weird edges of the humble perambulation.

  • The Magic Cinema - A DIY film night with “open reel” policy - bring along a short film and we’ll show it (no actual reel involved). The Magic Cinema also provides a testing ground for more experimental material that brings live/performance elements into the cinematic setting. Ran from 2013 - 2016 at Ort Cafe and 2019 - present at Artefact.

  • Video Strolls - A Community of artists and filmmakers who make work concerned with place, people and journeying. We host regular public screenings and have worked with festivals such as Flatpack Film Festival and Alchemy.

  • Dream 53 - A psychogeographical live art project invoking the spirit of a lost Birmingham Surrealist film. Developed as part of the first Homegrown artist development programme in 2016 and hopefully to be resurrected at some point.